Welcome to My CPR Coach

My CPR Coach is proud to be coaching life saving skills in order to help you be prepared to help others. We provide personalized training that is fun, interactive, low-stress, and affordable for participants and employers.

Our Mission

Chest compressions, open airway, give 2 breaths, push hard and fast, with minimal interruptions. This is the beginning of effective, high quality, CPR!

What We Do

We provide for those who need to be certified for their jobs. We teach American Heart Association CPR, and First Aid training to laypersons. We are prepared to share with you the most useful, and effective way to reflect the new science based on the 2010 AHA guidelines. Each training course requires student participation, practicing with manikin’s, demonstrations, and skill testing.

This site provides you with information about CPR, but is not a stand-alone training resource. In order to be prepared to help others, you need to practice CPR and have your skills checked by a CPR instructor. We use the American Heart Association 2010 new CPR Guidelines on this site.

News & Events

  • Heart Disease Looks Different in Women


    Coronary artery disease (CAD) is the leading cause of death among women in the United States, and in some years even more women die from CAD than men. Yet many women don’t realize they’re at risk.


    Heart tests didn’t catch Toshawa Andrews’ coronary artery disease.

    Toshawa Andrews, 33, was in the middle of a figure skating test when she suddenly felt a sharp pain in her chest, “It made me say ‘Oooh!’ Then suddenly I was exhausted, I had to go to the bathroom, and I had really bad heartburn, but I continued to take the test.

  • High Blood Pressure – know your risk

    DALLAS, TX – May is American Stroke Month and a key time to help educate individuals on their risk of the number fourth cause of death in America. Did you know that managing your blood pressure is the most important thing you can do to help reduce your chances of suffering from a stroke?

    Many individuals don’t consider themselves to be candidates for high blood pressure, or know what to look for in terms of risk factors, which is why the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association has identified the seven top factors, listed below, that contribute to high blood pressure.

  • Healthy People, Healthy Lifestyles

    The United States is in the grips of a full-blown obesity epidemic that is spreading at an alarming rate.  Obesity is a major health risk factor linked to high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, heart disease and stroke. And it leads to a shortened life expectancy — on average, six to seven years less than people of normal weight. 

  • Women And Heart Disease

    Every minute in the United States, someone’s wife, mother, daughter or sister dies from heart disease, stroke or other form of cardiovascular disease (CVD). And more than one in three women is living with CVD, including nearly half of all African-American women and 34 percent of white women.

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